Few would dispute that a majority of football's finest performers are based in Europe. The Old Continent is not, however, the exclusive home of the elite, and this brings us to the latest in our 'Have Your Say' series: who is the best player currently turning out away from European shores?

Argentina and Brazil export footballers in their droves, but there is nonetheless no shortage of talent within their borders. The presence in these countries of Juan Roman Riquelme, Diego Buonanotte, Juan Sebastian Veron, Andres D'Alessandro, Rogerio Ceni, Adriano, Jorge Valdivia, Thiago Neves, Renato Augusto and Marcelo Moreno, among countless other luminaries, attests to this.

Perhaps your top pick is based elsewhere in South America, or further north in Mexico, where Omar Bravo, Salvador Cabanas and Humberto Suazo star. Scrolling up a map of the Americas, you'll find Los Angeles, the home of David Beckham and Landon Donovan, while further east across the USA the likes of Cuauhtemoc Blanco and Marcelo Gallardo earn their crust.

Robson Ponte, Cho Jae-Jin and Du Zhenyu are just a few of the many stand-outs in Asia, while Mohamed Aboutrika and Teko Modise are consistent headliners in Africa.

The aforementioned players make up just a small percentage of the candidates, but which one do you feel is the best outside of Europe? Click 'Add your comment' to share your opinion with footballer followers across the globe, but please remember to keep your posts clean, respectful and in English.