"Football isn't a matter of life and death - it's much more important than than that," exclaimed the celebrated Liverpool manager Bill Shankly. But here on FIFA.com, we want to know - what does football mean to you?

Is it the best sport in the world? Is it your job? Is it your life - or in the words of so many commentators - is football merely a game?

The fact is that football is the most popular sport on our planet. It bridges divides, brings communities together - and can form bonds which lasts a lifetime.

A game of football can end in tears of sadness, but it can also end in joy. Those who have lifted the FIFA World Cup™ trophy have also described it as 'the greatest moment of their lives' - better even than their wedding day or the birth of a child!

But what we want to know is what do people around the world think of football, the beautiful game.

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