The winners of the adidas Golden, Silver and Bronze balls at the FIFA U-17 World Cup all received honourable mentions in this week's 'Have Your Say' debate. Under the headline: 'Who is the top teenage prospect?' Macauley Chrisantus, Toni Kroos and Bojan all received honourable mentions respectively.

"It has been a memorable year and season for football fans, and officials," wrote yemax007 from Nigeria. "But of all the young stars and prospective players of the year, I prefer Macauley Chrisantus, because he controls the pace of the game when playing, he's skilful, intelligent and fearful because he takes advantage."

Yet Olefreestyle was more emphatic in his choice. "Toni Kroos! This kid is going to be the face of Germany. He already made a big impact in the U-17 World Cup, and plays for one of the best club teams in the worl, Bayern Munich. In my mind, Toni Kroos is the best teenager."

Yet while Chrisantus and Kroos displayed their skills on the final day of the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Korea, the talents of a man who missed out through suspension did not go unnoticed.

"Bojan Krkic has been playing some great football for Barca, and playing alongside some of the greats like Ronaldinho and Eto'o will get him AWESOME EXPOSURE to become one of the best," exclaimed gunnerfan from Hong Kong.

There were also honourable mentions for Giovanni Dos Santos and Alexandre Pato, a pair well used to appearing on the pages of, but an interesting insight came from Exiled Scot, who wrote:

"I'd make honorable mention of John Fleck of Rangers FC in Scotland, a young man who made his first team debut just 24 hours ago still aged just 16. Chelsea, United and Liverpool have all tried to prise him away from Glasgow in the last 18 months but their efforts were in vein. Walter Smith oversaw the development of a certain Wayne Rooney at Everton, and he likens Fleck and Rooney in terms of talent at the same age."

Certainly, all six names mentioned above will be ones to watch as the future unfolds...

A player who was always one to watch was Kevin Keegan. In his days for Liverpool and SV Hamburg, the England international was a great entertainer - and it is no wonder that he is one of the country's most charismatic coaches. But can he lead Newcastle into the top four? You seemed to think the task was beyond him.

"I hate to say this Kev, you're a great coach but expect a slight boo from your fans as soon as you lose two games in a row. With Shearer or without, you'll catch the Newcastle jinx," said JSP World from Wales.

JSPWorld seemed to speak for a number of fans who doubted whether King Kev's return would be a happy one.