The year 2007 is coming to an end. In a matter of days, the football world will raise its glasses and drink a toast to the year ahead. Equally, a New Year gives us the chance to reflect and take stock. can help you to do this by offering up a compilation of the most powerful interviews published over the past year. Past masters, heroes of the modern game and stars of the future all spent time talking with us.

Uruguayan legend Dario Silva was one of the first to move us with the story of how he is facing up to being forced to retire from the game following the amputation of his right leg: "Nothing will change the way I am. I am still as relaxed and good-humoured as ever. I even get to enjoy my family even more! My ambition now is to take part in the Olympic rowing event."

Another conversation of note from South America was the one we had with the Colombian Rene Higuita. At the age of 40, Higuita has hit the comeback trail in Venezuela, this after enduring a number of suspensions from the game and even a period in jail.

We did not restrict our ex-player interviews to just one continent either. Japanese great Hidetoshi Nakata granted us his first football interview since he retired in June 2006, telling us, "I decided to travel the world and get to see what was happening with my own eyes. To tell you the truth I don't intend coming back into the game as a manager, but you never know. Perhaps I'll make my playing comeback one of these days."

The list goes on with names like Laurent Blanc, Zico, Jean Pierre Papin and many more who graced the game as players and are now plying their trade from the dugout.

The stars of today
But we also spoke with the game's current stars. Lionel Messi shared his views with us on various occasions in the year when things really started to take off for him. The last of these interviews came at the FIFA World Player 2007 GALA on 17 December in Zurich, where we also chatted to Cristiano Ronaldo and Pele.

The FIFA World Player of the Year award went to Kaka that night, and he spoke with too, just as he had done in Japan before and after AC Milan's victory in the FIFA Club World Cup. "It's a dream come true. This has been the year a whole new page has been written in my career."

Cesc Fabregas, Andres Guardado, Nery Castillo and Cameroon international Carlos Kameni were just some of the other big names to share their thoughts with us.

If you want to see some of the biggest interviews of 2007, just visit our special interview section. And don't worry if that is not enough for you, because in 2008 there will be much more to come.