Online Season 5 Community Qualifier Winner

Anders Bollerup

Age: 25

Country: Denmark

Occupation: Teacher

Hobbies: FIFA, football and golf

Favourite player: Steven Gerrard

Favourite team in FIFA 14: Liverpool

Favourite formation: 4-2-4

What made you decide to participate in the FIWC?
I have tried out for the FIWC the last 3 years, but never really felt I had the time. This year the FIWC opened up another opportunity for qualification with the Community Qualifier and I grabbed it.

How has the Community Qualifier changed your FIWC experience?
I think with the CQ there is a better chance that the player with the better skill qualifies, rather than the player with more time on their hands.

In your opinion what do you think your chances are in the Grand Final? 
I haven't got that much experience on the biggest FIFA stage and this will be my first International tournament. I see myself as an underdog who may surprise everyone and prove to be a strong player.

How does it feel to have secured your seat for the Grand Final? 
I feel so excited. A month ago I could only dream of this outcome, so it is truly a dream coming true. Now I can't wait to go to Rio!

What do you think it takes to win the Grand Final? 
I think you need to be very skilled off course. The competition is getting stronger and stronger and there are so many good players in Denmark alone, never-mind all over the world! So with great skill, experience and a little luck, you may just become the world champion.