Online Season 3 Winner

August Rosenmeier

Age: 17

Country: Denmark

Occupation: School, football and FIFA! 

Hobbies: Football, friends and movies

Favourite player: Martin Kyster

Favourite team in FIFA 14: Arsenal

Favourite formation: 5-4-1

When did you start playing the EA SPORTS™ FIFA series?
Since 2002

What made you decide to participate in the FIWC? 
Because I want to be a World Champion. Also the experiences you get at a Grand Final are things you will remember forever.

What has been your best result at the FIWC leading up to the 2014 edition? 
I have been to the 2 previous Grand Finals. So my biggest success was in Madrid last year where i lost in the quarterfinals.

In your opinion what do you think your chances are in the Grand Final? 
My chances could be good this year. I have gained some experience, but the level is getting higher and higher every year and I will need to be 100 % focused.

How does it feel to have secured your seat for the Grand Final?
I can´t really describe how much happiness I felt when it was official that I had qualified! 

What do you think it takes to win the Grand Final? 
Focus, class, experience and the margins.

Which team will you be supporting at the FIFA World Cup?
France, because I have family who is french.