Millions of gamers scored goals during qualification for the FIWC 2014, but only one can be crowned the Goal of the Tournament! The votes were unanimous with 24-year-old Daniel Angeles Lujan from Peru claiming 57 per cent of all votes for our six shortlisted goals. An honourable mention goes to Hassan Nouman who finished in second place with 37 per cent of all votes.

“Personally I felt so proud to help Peru add to the FIWC record books,” Daniel told “I like it because it’s unusual,” he says of his award-winning goal. “It’s different than other good goals like a scissor kick, which is hard to accomplish but everyone wants to do.”

You can watch the six finalists' goals by clicking on the videos below.

Goal of the Tournament Final Table 
 Winner   Daniel Angeles Lujan  (Peru)
 2nd place  Hassan Nouman (Pakistan)
 3rd place  Patricio Alarcon Testa (Chile)
 4th place  Ahmed Asire (Saudi Arabia)
 5th place  Luis Miguel Ortega Reano (Spain)
 6th place  Khasan Malikov (Uzbekistan)