Two-time FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 champion Bruce Grannec is here to make you a better FIWC gamer! Learn from the best, maximise your skills and you could earn a place at the ultimate virtual football event – The FIWC Grand Final!

The Machine has been sharing EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14 tips and tricks in a series of ongoing FIWC video tutorials. You can watch FIWC videos on YouTube! Visit the dedicated FIWC playlist on the FIFATV YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date on all our FIWC videos. You can also become a fan of the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook for all the latest videos, community leaderboards and tournament news.

Bruce’s tips and tricks
For fans that have missed out on the various FIWC videos posted in the past few weeks, you can click on the FIWC videos located in the video gallery to the right of this article. From how to effectively use your players during throw-ins to mastering the lob pass and learning how to best shield the ball against opponents, FIWC videos are your chance to take your FIFA 14 skills to the next level.

In the most recent FIWC training video, Bruce shows FIWC gamers how to effectively use shirt pulling against faster players without conceding a foul. Click on the video above to learn this latest FIWC skill move.

Final season
The sixth and final Online Season of the FIWC 2014 kicked off on 1 March. Want to be in Brazil to experience the FIWC Grand Final and the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Season 6 is your last chance to learn, compete and qualify! Watch the videos, get in game, compete and qualify via the main leaderboard or through the Season 6 Community Qualifier.