The 2014 edition of the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) saw the introduction of a new community-orientated concept called the Country Challenge. The exciting new format gives EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14 gamers from all over the world the chance to make their nation proud in the FIFA Interactive World Cup, the world's largest gaming tournament.  

Along with the chance to win FIWC bragging rights for their country, participants in the Country Challenge are also playing for the chance to win an incredible once-in-a-lifetime prize - a trip to Brazil to watch the final day of the FIWC Grand Final and also a match at the 2014 FIFA World Cup™! spoke to a few of the lucky winners thus far to get their thoughts ahead of their epic adventure to Brazil in June.

“Brazil will be a huge party,” says Cristian Sanchez from Uruguay who will be backing his team at the World Cup while equally enjoying a fan experience at the Grand Final of the virtual world cup. “This is a dream for me,” the Season 2 Country Challenge winner told

When he started playing the EA SPORTS-FIFA series five years ago, Ryota Morimoto from Japan never expected that it would one day earn him a trip to Brazil to watch both the virtual and real FIFA World Cups. “I'm really looking forward to it, I can’t wait for the day,” he said. As much as Ryota is backing the Samurai Blue in Brazil he feels the hosts have the advantage. “I think that Brazil will win the World Cup because it is a very strong team and they’re at home,” he said.

“Having just a little time to play because of work and studying I am really surprised that I made it this far, it is unbelievable.” Said Jose Cavaliere. The Italian-Venezuelan is a big fan of the Country Challenge format introduced for FIWC 2014. “I think is totally great. I think it gives a lot of variety to the tournament and it also gives people that don't have a lot of time to play the opportunity to compete. It is really a dream come true," said Cavaliere. 

“I feel like I’m carrying my country name on my shoulders,” said Mohd Azhar from Malaysia. Azhar helped his nation to claim the Season 4 Country Challenge and as a result, will be in Rio de Janiero in June! When asked what he thinks the Country Challenge has added to the FIWC experience, Mohd believes: “It brings hope to people in other small countries. It shows them that playing FIFA 14 can lead them to watch the best FIFA gamers play live!”

Want to be in Brazil to experience the best of the FIWC and FIFA World Cup? Season 6 is your final chance! Sign up now and play at least 30 matches this month and you could still win through our Community Qualifier and County Challenge formats!