France have secured yet another place at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 Grand Final thanks to Farid Diffallah’s superb efforts in the Community Qualifier for Online Season 4.

The French tally of qualified players for the FIWC 2014 Grand Final currently sits at four confirmed finalists. Among the French contingent are defending champion Bruce Grannec, two-time Grand Finalist Julien Dassonville and maiden Grand Finalists Johann Simon and Farid Diffallah.

“I can't wait, I want to be in Rio now,“ said Johann Simon, who qualified at the top player in Online Season 2. “In 2012 I lost in the French final against Bruce Grannec,” he said. “One step to the qualification for Dubai!” Simon overcame his 2012 disappointment to qualify for what looks to be the biggest and most spectacular FIWC Grand Final yet.

“Rio de Janeiro will be the place to be in June, July. There is clearly no better place for any football event than Rio,” said Farid Diffallah, who is looking forward to his first ever trip to Brazil. A place among the Grand Finalists at the FIWC 2014 ensures a first of another kind for Julien Dassonville. “I have never had the chance to be in a football stadium for a World Cup match,” said Dassonville. “It's going to be even more wonderful because I'll be in the best country when you talk about football: Brazil!”

France bringing the numbers
With almost 12 per cent of all competitors currently involved in the qualification campaign for the FIWC 2014, France are leading the way in the tenth edition of the world's largest gaming tournament. But does quantity guarantee quality? Our Community Qualifier players do not think so. They have been hard at work focusing on the quality of their results instead of the quantity of games, in the hopes of securing a place at the Grand Final as a Community Qualifier winner.

“The implementation of the Community Qualifier this year really gives the chance to every good player to qualify,” said Season 4 Community Qualifier winner Farid Diffallah. “Without the Community Qualifier my chance to qualify would have been very close to zero.”

A new record for Bruce and Les Bleus?
As the defending FIWC champion, Bruce Grannec has the chance in Brazil to become the first FIWC champion to ever successfully defend their title. “You can win the FIWC once but the hardest thing is to be steady and to last,” said Grannec. “You need to have a good attitude. It's very mental and you can't break down at the key moments.”

Do you have what it takes to beat Bruce and his French teammates at the Grand Final in Rio de Janeiro. You will need to qualify to find out! Season 5 is underway and then the final qualification season begins on 1 March. Don’t miss out on your last chance to be in Brazil!