“I want to be a World Champion,” says Online Season 3 winner August Rosenmeier. While the phrase is one uttered by many FIFA Interactive World Cup gamers, August has the track record to back up his ambition. The young gamer from Denmark has been to the Grand Final twice, with each visit getting a little closer to realizing his dream.

From being the youngest player at the 2012 Grand Final in Dubai to facing the Machine in the quarterfinals of FIWC 2013 in Spain, August has continued to compete at the top level in his search for a first world title. Having secured his third consecutive qualification for a FIWC Grand Final in Online Season 3 of FIWC 2014, August is hoping his third visit to the Grand Final will be a charmed one.

“I remember starting out in 2002. I would sneak into my brother’s room while he was at school and play FIFA,” says August. “I wasn't allowed to do that. I quickly learned to play under pressure!”

Over 2.2 million online matches were played in Season 3 of Online Qualification with over 8.5 million goals scored as virtual footballers pushed their skills to the limit in the hopes of receiving a ticket to the Grand Final of the world’s largest gaming tournament. While FIWC heavyweights like France, Germany, Spain and Brazil continue to draw the largest representation in online qualification, it was the defiant youngster from Denmark, one of the smallest competing nations in the FIWC, who claimed a Season 3 victory. When asked what it will take to be crowned world champion, the Danish gamer is direct and to the point: “Focus, class, experience and the margins. That’s what it takes.”

“My chances could be good this year. I have gained some experience,” he says, “but the level is getting higher and higher every year and I will need to be 100 per cent focused.” August's FIWC 2013 quarterfinal defeat at the hands of eventual champion Bruce Grannec has not lost its sting, “The Machine will defiantly be the biggest favourite in Brazil, but then again, anything can happen at the Grand Final.”

Ronsenmeier’s maiden Grand Final remains his favourite thus far. “The experiences you have at a Grand Final are ones you will remember forever,” he says, “For me Dubai was the perfect location, but when I heard that the Grand Final would be held in Rio this year, I told myself that I needed to qualify. This is probably going to be the biggest Grand Final ever! The Virtual Football World Cup while the real Football World Cup is going on, it’s amazing!”

With two online seasons remaining, and the Grand Final confirmed for 2-3 July, August has a long road of preparation ahead of his visit to Rio de Janeiro. “I’ll do the same things I always do before tournaments,” he says “I’ll try to relax, be prepared and think about the job I need to do. I think most of all I am looking forward just to being there, and to enjoy every minute of being there. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

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Season 3 qualified players
Online winner: WESPLITTHEMONEY (Denmark)
Online runner-up: iRON_MENSAJERO (Mexico)
Community Qualifier winner: DexterMorgan-I (Netherlands)
Season 3 Country Challenge winner: MaxCiccio (Venezuela)