When competing in an online qualification season for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 you will notice that there is a five-tier division system.

For every online season of FIWC14, all competitors automatically begin the season in Division 5. A player’s advancement and relegation between divisions will be based on a round consisting of ten matches. After ten matches the player will either: play the next round of ten games in the higher division if received promotion; play another round in the same division if they accumulated enough points to avoid relegation; or play in the division directly beneath their current division if they were relegated. Please note that a player cannot go any lower then Division 5.

Scoring points
You earn points for a win and a draw, but are deducted points for a loss. In addition to the match points, points will also be awarded for promotions, titles won and maintaining your place in a division. The more games played in a higher division and the more successful games won, the higher the reward.  Relegation will result in a deduction of points, so consistency in the upper divisions is crucial. Just remember that wins, promotions, titles won, avoided relegation, loses and regulation all play a part in your points. 

Promotion and relegation
It is important to play games and try your best to gain promotion to higher divisions. The higher the division you are in, the more difficult it becomes to earn promotion. When trying to qualify during each season of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, your focus should be on your performance throughout the season rather than where you finish at season end. Always remember, what really matters is how many points you’ve accumulated through promotions, maintaining a spot in a higher division and winning division titles! 

Disconnections and point deductions
A disconnection loss occurs when a player who is losing the match disconnects from the game. If a disconnection occurs during a match, the following results will apply, depending on the match scenario at the time of the disconnect:

Scenario Result 
The player leading loses connection.  No one wins. No points are awarded. 
The player trailing loses connection. The person that was leading the game gets the win and points are awarded. The losing player is deducted points for a disconnection loss. 
There is a disconnection during a tied match.  The person who disconnected loses the match and points are deducted from their score. The person who did not disconnect receives points for the win.
 Prior to kick-off to start a match, a player loses connection.  No one wins. No points are awarded.

Consistency is the key to success and advancement. The divisional ranking format ensures players compete against similar caliber players, so progress is always possible even if you are not in the top division. This helps both top players and newcomers remain competitive because they will only play against opponents with similar skill level.