The long wait is almost over for gaming enthusiasts across the globe. At the end of September fans will finally be able to enjoy the brand new EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14, which will also be used at the forthcoming FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC). 

In order to give lovers of the FIFA series a sneak peak of what the new edition has in store, asked the four contestants at the FIWC Champions Trophy in Germany to sum it up in two words. Below, Alfonso Ramos, Bruce Grannec, Francisco Cruz and Kai Wollin revealed their thoughts on the soon-to-be-released game.

Alfonso Ramos (ESP), FIWC champion in 2008 and 2012
"Pure football"
I'd describe it like that because of the combination of 'Pure Shot', one of the technical additions to the new version, and the level of realism that FIFA 14 has reached. Honestly, this game's really good and you need more ability than in the previous one. Because it's more difficult, the new edition forces you to use the time more wisely in order to know when to shoot, when to pass and when to turn. The players aren't as agile as before, when everyone seemed to be like [Lionel] Messi. Now you're only Messi if you’re actually Messi, but if you're [Alvaro] Arbeloa or another player then you don't turn in the same way. It's very realistic. 

Bruce Grannec (FRA), FIWC champion in 2009 and 2013
"Difficult and team-based"
I'd say some movements are slower when you have the ball at your feet. That makes it harder to make progress up the pitch and to win matches basing your game on individual skill. In order to work well as a team you need to try different formations, take risks and try something different if it doesn't work out. It's important to line your side up with a formation that allows you to play as a team because it’s very difficult to win with individuals. 

Francisco Cruz (POR), FIWC champion in 2011
"Open and fast"
In the first few matches I noticed that you get a lot more goalscoring chances than in previous versions. That probably has something to do with the fact that we’re not used to the game, meaning defences weren’t as tight as they were in FIFA 13. My comment about speed is to do with the characteristic of the game: even though the players themselves aren't faster, the matches are more intense. I'm sure everyone will love this game, it's a lot of fun. Passion just takes over whenever you play it.

Kai Wollin (GER), German champion in 2013
"Intelligent and creative"

I chose the first word to describe 'team intelligence' because now the players you're not controlling react to whatever you do. For example, if you're pressing to win back possession then the rest of your players will do the same and press with you. The creative part comes from the fact that each player has a different way of moving on the pitch, which forces you to be creative in looking for ways to threaten your opponent.