THE DAY REPLAYED - The first day of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 Grand Final took place on the rooftop of the Hotel ME Reina Victoria. Surrounded by a sweeping view of the Spanish capital the 21 Grand Finalists for FIWC13 stood shoulder to shoulder, PlayStation®3 remotes in hand as they began the main event on the FIWC calander. takes a look at the goals, games and moments that defined Day 1.

The match of the day
Oscar Martin 3-0 Abdulaziz Alshehri (Group C)
On his final match of Day 1 Oscar Martin dented Saudi Arabia’s Abdulaziz Alshehri perfect start to the tournament. 2012 quarter-finalist Alshehri went into his fourth match with three wins under his belt and was looking to strengthen his grip at the summit of Group C. The Spaniard, however, was up to the challenge and dominated the match, winning 3-0 to keep things interesting in Group C.

Goal of the day
Bruce Grannec 0-1 Juan Ambriz (Group B)
An untested quantity at the FIWC, Californian Juan Ambriz stunned the crowd at the end of Day 1 with a hard won 1-0 win against former FIWC champion Bruce Grannec. Ambriz stole the ball on the wing in Grannec’s half, launching in a cross from the corner and smashing it home with a powerful close-range header. “If I don’t make it to the next round, or if I don’t win it’s something that’s going to stay with me forever,“ said Ambriz after winning the match on the main stage against the French champion.  

The lesson for Day 1
There are no favourites.
The group leaderboards at the end of Day 1 see a number of first time finalists out in front and some surprising losses for several favourites. Grannec’s two defeats on Day 1 are a stark contrast to the Frenchman’s solitary loss at FIWC12. Ovidiu Patrascu from Romania - a tournament favourite amongst many finalists -  also had a difficult start to the competition. "My chances are small at this moment…the level is very high and I’m sure only luck will make a difference between the players and the winner. We will see tomorrow if I can pull off some miracles," said Patrascu.

Did you know?
Kai Wollin was unbeaten in Group Stage competition at FIWC12 and one of the few players unbeaten at FIWC13 so far. "I'm really disappointed and angry," Kai said  immediately after a 1-1 draw against fellow Showdown winner George Tsirita. The pressure is immense and it's not only Kai feeling it, every game brings each player either closer or further away to a world title, USD20,000 in prize money and a trip to the FIFA Ballon d'Or.

We’ve heard…
Defending champion Alfonso Ramos was in his element. Standing on the rooftop deck on a hot afternoon in his local city Alfonso spent a long time talking to Real Madrid defender Raul Albiol in between matches and interviews. When we asked Ramos what Albiol had said to him, the champion just smiled and said that he asked for a score update on all the Spanish finalists. There is a palpable sense of national pride from the Spanish camp in Madrid.

What’s next?
Tune in on 7 May for the exciting finale to the group stage. Over the course of the two-hour live stream from Cafe 40 the 21 Grand Finalists will go all out to secure a place in the final eight. Join us for the Live Stream at 6pm CET and follow FIWC on Twitter to get the latest tournament news, videos and photos.


Group A
Alfonso Ramos (ESP) 2-1 Rodrigo Pileggi (BRA)
Rafael Riobo (ESP) 2-0 Andres Botero (COL)
Stanislav Chakarov (BUL) 4-4 Ovidiu Patrascu (ROU)
Rafael Riobo (ESP) 2-2 Stanislav Chakarov (BUL)
Ovidiu Patrascu (ROU) 1-2 Andres Botero  (COL)
Rafael Riobo (ESP) 2-1 Ovidiu Patrascu (ROU)
Stanislav Chakarov (BUL) 2-2 Andres Botero (COL)
Alfonso Ramos (ESP) 1-1 Rafael Riobo (ESP)
Rodrigo Pileggi (BRA) 0-1 Stanislav Chakarov (BUL)

Group B
Bruce Grannec (FRA) 0-1 August Rosenmeier (GER)
Juan Ambriz (USA) 1-2 Edizon Quiroga (COL)
Andrei Torres (MEX) 0-2 Daniel Rodriguez (COL)
August Rosenmeier (GER) 2-1 Daniel Cordera (ESP)
Juan Ambriz (USA) 1-2 Andrei Torres (MEX)
Daniel Rodriguez (COL) 1-0 Edizon Quiroga (COL)
Bruce Grannec (FRA) 2-1 Daniel Cordera (ESP)
Juan Ambriz (USA) 1-3 Daniel Rodriguez (COL)
Andrei Torres  (MEX) 1-0 Edizon Quiroga (COL)
Bruce Grannec (FRA) 0-1 Juan Ambriz (USA)
August Rosenmeier (GER) 1-3 Andrei Torres (MEX)
Daniel Cordera (ESP) 1-1 Daniel Rodriguez (COL)

Group C
Kai Wollin (GER) 2-0 Oscar Martin (ESP)
Marc Arisa (ESP) 0-0 Kevin Assia (GER)
Abdulaziz Alshehri (KSA) 1-0 Krasimir Ivanov (BUL)
Oscar Martin (ESP) 2-0 George Tsirita (ENG)
Marc Arisa (ESP) 1-2 Abdulaziz Alshehri (KSA)
Krasimir Ivanov (BUL) 0-0 Kevin Assia (GER)
Kai Wollin (GER) 1-1 George Tsirita (ENG)
Marc Arisa (ESP) 1-1 Krasimir Ivanov (BUL)
Abdulaziz Alshehri (KSA) 2-0 Kevin Assia (GER)
Kai Wollin (GER) 1-0 Marc Arisa (ESP)
Oscar Martin (ESP) 3-0 Abdulaziz Alshehri (KSA)
George Tsirita (ENG) 2-1 Krasimir Ivanov (BUL)