THE DAY REPLAYED – An enjoyable morning of playing futsal with Christian Karembeu and visiting the football museum at the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) helped the Grand Finalists blow off some steam and step away from the intensity of competition for a brief respite at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013. In the evening it was down to business for the remaining group stage matches held at Café 40 and live streamed on and Youtube. Some players built on their good form from the opening day, some rediscovered their groove after a nervous and shaky start while others failed to find a place in the final eight.

The match of the day
Grannec 5-0 Andrei Torres
Charged with the intimidating task of having to not only win his three remaining first round matches but also power up his goal difference, Bruce Grannec set the tone for the final group stage by smashing Mexican hopeful Andrei Torres 5-0 in his first game of the day. Host Kay Murray described Bruce's performance as una manita (five goals) and what an impressive five goals it was.

The momentum from Bruce's match seemed to spill out into the other games and suddenly all bets were off as players rose and dropped down the standings in the race to qualify. By the final group game for each player only one name had been confirmed as a quarter-finalist, leaving seven players to challenge for a place in the knockout rounds on their final group stage match.

Goal of the day
Andres Botero 1-0 Alfonso Ramos
Colombian Botero knocked the defending champion out of the competition with a solitary and devastating strike from the boot of Cristiano Ronaldo late into the second-half of the pair’s final match in Group B. The goal propelled Botero into the quarterfinals and sent a devastated Ramos out of the tournament in front of his hometown crowd.

Today’s lesson
Local boy Rafael Riobo is, ironically, going against the grain in Madrid. While everyone else is selecting Real Madrid to harness the power of Cristiano Ronaldo upfront in FIFA 13, Riobo has been playing with Bayern Munich throughout the tournament. “Munich is better because you have players like Robben and Ribéry, they give you more chances on goal,” said Riobo.

Did you know?
In complete contrast to last year's edition, where six Grand Finalists were undefeated in the group stage, six of this year's finalists lost at least one match during group qualification.

We’ve heard…
“Lots of people were saying Group B was the easiest of the groups but this group turned out to be a really hard group and in my opinion all the groups were equally difficult,” said Denmark’s August Rosenmeier who we will see in tomorrow’s quarterfinals.

What’s next?
The final day of Madrid 2013 will start with eight finalists and end with one champion. Join us at 6pm CET for the grand finale to the world’s largest gaming tournament where one lucky winner will receive the FIWC world title, USD20,000 in prize money and a trip for two to the next FIFA Ballon d’Or. “One more game, one more game, one more game,” is how Botero described his feelings on the upcoming knockout rounds. Don’t miss a single one!

Group A: Qualified
Rafael Riobo (ESP)
Andres Botero (COL)

Group B: Qualified
August Rosenmeier (DEN)
Bruce Grannec (FRA)
Andrei Torres Vitero (MEX)

Group C: Qualified
Kai Wollin (GER)
Oscar Martin (ESP)
Abdulaziz Alshehri (KSA)


Group A
Mattia Guarracino (ITA) 0-0 Ovidiu Patrascu (ROU)
Stanislav Chakarov (BUL) 0-0 Alfonso Ramos (ESP)
Rodrigo Pileggi (BRA) 0-2 Rafael Riobo Sanchez (ESP)
Andres Botero Jarrin (COL) 1-2 Mattia Guarracino (ITA)
Ovidiu Patrascu (ROU) 1-0 Alfonso Ramos (ESP)
Andres Botero Jarrin (COL) 1-0 Rodrigo Pileggi (BRA)
Mattia Guarracino (ITA) 1-1 Stanislav Chakarov (BUL)
Andres Botero Jarrin (COL) 1-0 Alfonso Ramos (ESP)
Ovidiu Patrascu (ROU) 0-1 Rodrigo Pileggi (BRA)
Mattia Guarracino (ITA) 1-4 Rafael RiobÛ Sanchez (ESP)

Group B
Andrei Torres Vivero (MEX) 0-5 Bruce Grannec (FRA)
August Rosenmeier (DEN) 3-0 Juan Ambriz (USA)
Edizon Quiroga Forero (COL) 1-0 Daniel Cordera (ESP)
Daniel Rodriguez Moyano (COL) 0-2 Bruce Grannec (FRA)
Edizon Quiroga Forero (COL) 0-2 August Rosenmeier (DEN)
Daniel Cordera (ESP) 0-3 Andrei Torres Vivero (MEX)
Edizon Quiroga Forero (COL) 0-2 Bruce Grannec (FRA)
Daniel Rodriguez Moyano (COL) 0-2 August Rosenmeier (DEN)
Daniel Cordera (ESP) 3-1 Juan Ambriz (USA)

Group C
Abdulaziz Alshehri (KSA) 1-1 Kai Wollin (GER)
Oscar Martin (ESP) 2-0 Marc Arisa Castella (ESP)
Kevin Assia (GER) 4-3 George Tsirita (ENG)
Krasimir Ivanov (BUL) 1-3 Kai Wollin (GER)
Kevin Assia (GER) 0-1 Oscar Martin (ESP)
George Tsirita (ENG) 3-2 Abdulaziz Alshehri (KSA)
Kevin Assia (GER) 1-3 Kai Wollin (GER)
Krasimir Ivanov (BUL) 2-2 Oscar Martin (ESP)
George Tsirita (ENG) 1-3 Marc Arisa Castella (ESP)