After two days filled with adrenaline, intensity and superb FIFA 13 skills on the PlayStation®3, eight players now stand on the edge of interactive greatness. Money, fame and a chance to meet their real life football heroes at the FIFA Ballon d’Or, each quarterfinalist has a shot at taking it all on the final day of FIWC 2013 in Madrid!

Will we see a champion from Spain, another double champion or perhaps a first time champion from Asia, Colombia, Germany, Mexico or Scandinavia? was at the quarterfinal draw where the finalists discovered who their opponents would be for the knockout stage.

Sitting amidst their fellow finalists at Villa-Rosa, enjoying the traditional food, flamenco and flare that the traditional restaurant is renowned for, the eight remaining competitors had one more moment of intense focus before letting loose and resuming an evening of lively celebration in Spain’s largest city. That moment came in the form of official draw for the FIWC13 quarterfinal.

Quarterfinal 1: Oscar Martin (ESP) - Abdulaziz Alshehri (KSA)
Quarterfinal 2: August Rosenmeier (DEN) - Bruce Grannec (FRA)
Quarterfinal 3: Kai Wollin - Andrei Torres Vivero (MEX)
Quarterfinal 4: Rafael Riobo (ESP) - Andres Botero (COL)

Join us tomorrow for the final day of match play. The Live Stream for the final phase of FIWC13 in Madrid runs from 6-8pm CET. Watch it live right here and remember that if you miss anything, entire replays of the daily live streams from Madrid are available in the FIWC video section.

*A portion of the quarterfinal draw for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 Grand Final was revised shortly after the draw held at Villa-Rosa, due to an administrative error. This partial redraw was done under the supervision of competition organisers and in consultation with the affected players. The results above are the official quarterfinal draw for the FIWC13 Grand Final.