Andres Botero from Colombia and Andrei Jordan Torres Vivero from Mexico are excited to represent Latin America at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 Grand Final. The two players qualified for the Madrid showpiece in Online Qualification Season 4 of FIWC13. The FIWC caught up with Andres and Andrei for an exclusive interview.

FIWC: Congratulations to the both of you for securing seats in the Grand Final. What made you both decide to compete in this year’s tournament?
Andres Botero: It’s such a great opportunity to represent your country and try to to bring home a world title. That’s why I signed up.
Andrei Jordan Torres Vivero: I agree with Andres. The FIWC is a tournament organised by FIFA, so if I win the trophy then it is like I have won the World Cup. This would be a dream come true for me!

What do you think about the Grand Final in Madrid being live streamed and what it will bring to the FIWC?
Botero: I think it will make the tournament even more popular and in addition it will encourage people to try and master the game. More players means the level of the game rises, which makes everything more exciting.
Vivero: It’s great because my girlfriend, friends and family can follow me live. It also enables other players in the world to watch professional matches and will give them the chance to learn some tips from professional players.

So, now that you both have qualified for the Grand Final, will you take a break from EA SPORTS™ FIFA 13 or will you continue to train for the Grand Final?
Botero: I will continue practicing for the chance to win and to be at my best level. The best players will all be at Madrid and it is a great opportunity to play a lot better.
Vivero: I will train really hard so that I can win the trophy.

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