The results for Online Qualification Season 2 of the FIWC Interactive World Cup 2014 are in! We are happy to announce the three players from Season 2 that have earned a trip to Rio de Janeiro to compete in the FIWC Grand Final and experience the 2014 FIFA World Cup™!

Online Season 2 winners:
Jorrick_JoJo1 (Netherlands)
Millenium_M (France)

Season 2 Community Qualifier winner:
WagWanSan (Republic of Ireland)

The Season 2 results mean that European domination of the Grand Final places for FIWC 2014 continues. We now have players from England, France, Ireland Republic and Netherlands confirmed for the main event in Brazil. Who will qualify in Season 3? Can gamers from North and South America rise up or will players from Africa, Asia or Oceania be the ones to break the European hold? Make your country proud! Play to win a seat in Online Season 3 and you could represent your nation at the virtual world cup in Brazil!

Season 2: The numbers
Over 2 million online matches were played in Season 2 and over 7.9 million goals were scored as players battled it out for one of the three available tickets to the Grand Final. With three confirmed Grand Finalists, and a place reserved for Les Bleus at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, France is enjoying a rich vein of form both on the virtual and real football pitch as we build to the FIWC 2014 Grand Final and the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. France also currently enjoys the highest number of registered FIWC gamers, followed by Germany and reigning FIFA World Cup champions Spain.

Community qualifier
Scoring a perfect 3.0 ratio is an incredible achievement. Congratulations to the three gamers that managed to accomplish this in Online Season 2. In keeping with the rules of the Community Qualifier, a tiebreaker was used to declare the winner. WagWanSan’s incredible goal difference (310) ensured that he won the tiebreaker convincingly, with runners-up urugnomas and xM-i_l-e-n-i-Ox recording goal differences of 159 and 124 respectively.

The top 3 for quality:
1. WagWanSan (Ireland Republic)
2. urugnomas (Uruguay)
3. xM-i_l-e-n-i-Ox (Mexico)

Visit our Community Qualifiers page to find out exactly how the Community Qualifier works. You could be just 30 matches away from winning a Grand Final seat through the Community Qualifier! You can also track your progress with our dedicated FIWC Community Leaderboards on Facebook. 30 quality games could be all it takes to book you a place in Rio!

What are you waiting for? Online Season 3 is live! Sign up in game now and get involved in the world’s largest gaming tournament! Join The FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook and follow the FIWC on Twitter.