Earlier this month we announced that Uruguay won the Online Season 2 Country Challenge for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014. As a result, all ranked Uruguay players that helped their nation win the Season 2 Country Challenge were placed into the Grand Prize draw. We are happy to finally announce Uruguay’s lucky prize winner!

Cristian Sanchez will represent his country as the Country Challenge winner for Season 2! Cristian’s prize includes a trip to Rio de Janeiro where he will get to watch the final day of the FIWC 2014 Grand Final as well as a 2014 FIFA World Cup™ match!

“It’s a dream come true for me,” said Cristian upon hearing the news that he will be travelling to Brazil to experience both the virtual and real FIFA World Cup. Cristian, who hails from the city of Paysandú in Uruguay, has been competing in the FIFA Interactive World Cup for over two years. A fan of Tottenham Hotspur when it comes to playing EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14, his allegiance on an international level is more obvious. “I expect Uruguay to win!” he says, when asked which team he think will win the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What is the Country Challenge?
The Country Challenge is your chance to win a trip to Rio de Janeiro to watch both the final day of the FIWC 2014 Grand Final and a match at the 2014 FIFA World Cup™! All you have to do to enter the country challenge is:

  • Sign up for the FIWC in game
  • Play at least 30 games so that you achieve the ‘ranked’ player status
  • Score the best Community Qualifier ratio you can! (Find out about how the ratio is calculated on the Community Qualifiers and Country Challenge pages)
  • Make sure to cheer on your countrymen and inspire them to win matches!

    The country with the best overall ratio in a season wins the Country Challenge. You can track your nation's performance on the Country Challenge Leaderboard located on the FIWC Facebook page.

    A new Country Challenge every season!
    Each of the six online qualification seasons for the FIWC 2014 offer players a chance to win the Country Challenge. Each time a nation wins the country challenge they are no longer eligible to win any more Country Challenges. That means 6 different nations will walk away with a Country Challenge title! 

    The December season of FIWC 2014 is well underway! Season 3 runs from 1 December 2013 to 1 January 2014. There are three qualification seats up for grabs in Season 3 (two for the overall leaderboard winners and one for the Community Qualifier winner). Win a qualification spot this season and book your place amongst the Grand Finalists in Rio de Janeiro!