Whether you’re trying to score the highest quantity of points on the Season Leaderboard, or attempting to string together a winning run of pure quality in the Community Qualifier, your virtual football performance is put to the ultimate test in online qualification for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 Grand Final.

While gamers are encouraged to give the maximum effort in their journey to secure a qualification seat at the FIWC 2014 Grand Final, there are game limits that the FIWC enforces to ensure a fun and fair competitive environment for all gamers.

No more than 900 games per season 
Starting from Online Season 2, a new limit will be implemented on the number of games which can be played per season of the FIWC14. In a single online season gamers are allowed to play a maximum of 900 games. The FIWC does not expect you to come close to this number of games in a single season. In the event that you hit the 800 matches mark, you will receive a reminder that you are approaching the maximum amount of games for the respective online season. At 900 games, any additional points you score will not be counted towards qualification for that online season.

Playing 900 games in a single season is an almost impossible challenge and gamers should be aware that anyone approaching this number will be carefully investigated to ensure that the rules of the FIWC are being observed at all times. 

Online Season 2 runs from 1 November to 1 December. Claim a Season 2 qualification seat and you will be in Brazil for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 Grand Final! Follow @FIWC on Twitter and become a fan of the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest news, videos, and stories from the world’s largest gaming tournament.