These Terms and Conditions must be read in conjunction with the general Terms and Conditions for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 (“FIWC14”) which can be accessed at and which shall apply (as appropriate) to this the FIWC Country Challenge. The FIWC Country Challenge constitutes a “Contest” in accordance with the provisions of Appendix A of the general Ts and Cs of the FIWC14.
Capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions for the FIWC14.

Rules of the Country Challenge
For the purpose of this the Country Challenge, a Player’s “nationality” shall be deemed to be the nationality which the Player inputs in their application for the FIWC14. The relevant Player must hold a valid passport for such nationality. In the event that a player who wins a FIWC Country Challenge is unable to present a valid passport for the relevant nationality, FIFA reserves the right to select a different Player as winner for that season.

Winners shall be selected as follows: All Players who have played thirty (30) or more games in a given “season” of the FIWC14 (as specified by FIFA) will have their win-loss ratio calculated for each online “season”. Every win is worth 3 points and every draw is worth 1 point. The total points for wins and draws will be added and divided by the number of games played in the relevant online season. The average of all Players’ win-loss ratio for each nationality for the relevant season will then be calculated (a minimum of thirty (30) players from a given nationality who have achieved the thirty (30) game minimum target for that season is required for a nation to be eligible for that season). The nationality with the best win-loss ratio will be the winner (in the event of a tie between nations, a random draw will take place) and one Player from the winning nationality who has played thirty (30) or more games in that season will be drawn at random and will win the prize for that “season”. The same nation (i.e. Players representing the same nation) cannot win the Country Challenge twice during the FIWC14.

Read the complete FIWC Country Challenge: Terms and Conditions
The winner for each season of the FIWC14 Country Challenge will be given:

- Two (2) economy class return flights from the nearest international airport of winner’s home to Brazil.

- A minimum of one night’s accommodation on a (twin) room only basis for two (2) people in a hotel in or near a 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Host City.

- Two (2) tickets to watch a match (selected by FIFA) of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™.

- Two (2) tickets to watch the FIWC14 Final Showdown.

These Terms and Conditions have been drafted in English and translated into other languages (including French, German, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish) and are available on the Website. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that he/she has read and understood these Terms and Conditions and that he/she is fully aware of the rights and obligations arising therefrom. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and translated texts, the English text shall be used to resolve any doubts arising in respect of interpretation and/or application.