Every edition of the FIFA Interactive World Cup brings with it the promise of an exotic location for the Grand Final. Previous Grand Finals have been held in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London and Zurich. More recently, we went to Los Angeles (2011), while 2012 saw us travel to Dubai and in 2013 we celebrated in Madrid, the capital cities of the reigning world champions.

FIWC 2014 is going a step further than ever before with Brazil providing hosting duties. The land of Garrincha, Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Neymar will host both the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ and the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014. Both the real and virtual world champions will be decided in the land of the five-time World Cup champions and, of course, the beautiful game.

A qualification seat at the FIWC 2014 final puts you at the heart of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, an experience that comes along only once every four years, and for many, only once in a lifetime. The 20 Grand Finalists for FIWC 2014 will not only get to compete for the Interactive World Crown, but will also get to experience the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

Make your nation proud in Brazil
FIWC14 in Brazil is your chance to showcase your virtual football skills to the world and represent your country in the gaming equivalent of the FIFA World Cup. Do you have what it takes to return home from the Grand Final as the official FIFA Interactive World Cup champion? Make your country proud in Brazil, and bring home the gold! Join us on the Road to Rio de Janeiro and on the journey to an unforgettable FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014.