By winning the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 Grand Final in Dubai on 23 May 2012 Alfonso Ramos received the prize of a football fan’s dreams: $20,000 in prize money, the Interactive World Cup trophy and a trip for two to one of the most exclusive events in football – the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala!

We caught up with Ramos shortly after his FIFA Ballon d’Or experience to hear his thoughts. This was your second visit to the FIFA Ballon d’Or. Was it any different to your experience in 2008?
Alfonso Ramos: The best thing was that this time I was able to meet even more players and football stars than in 2008!

Did any of the footballers that were also at the Gala in 2008 recognise you this time out?
Messi, Xavi and Ronaldo were there four years ago. I had the chance to chat with Messi and Xavi and they remembered me! I also talked to Xabi Alonso who knows me because we did a video for EA SPORTS a few months ago.

How did it feel to play against Pique, a World and European champion, not to mention member of the 2012 FIFA/FIFPro World XI?
It was a special moment. Playing against one of the best football players in the world is a unique chance that only FIFA and EA can give you. And winning was important for me because I could beat Pique’s Barcelona with my favourite team, Real Madrid!

Pique told us that Messi was the best EA SPORTS FIFA player at Barcelona. Do you think you would be able to defeat him?
I think I would be able to. I'm sure that we would have played another Real Madrid - Barcelona Classico and I'm sure that I could have beaten him.

You asked many of the players you met for tips on how to improve your game. Will you try to make use of those at the FIWC13 Grand Final?
Definitely! I'm already trying to put Xavi and Messi's tips into practice. They involve how to score more goals and not loosing the ball so easily.

You got to walk down the red carpet at the Gala. We even saw you sign some autographs. How did this make you feel?
A lot of people asked me for an autograph and pictures. I felt like I a famous football player. It was an amazing experience!

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