Five of the six online seasons have been decided and ten online players have claimed their seats at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 Grand Final. The lucky few that have qualified through the online seasons are from all over the world. Some will be at the Grand Final for the first time, while others are familiar faces on the Grand Final stage.

Online winners
The two winners in Online Season 1 are from Saudi Arabia and Colombia. The 2012 Grand Final will mark both players first visit to the prestigious tournament. In Online Season 2, 2008 FIWC champion Alfonso Ramos (Spain) and four-time Grand Finalist Andre Buffo (Brazil) secured their tickets. The third online season was also won by a pair of former FIWC Grand Finalists - France's Julien Dassonville and Wbeimar Quiroga from Colombia.

Online Season 4's tickets to Dubai were claimed by Bulgaria's Krasimir Ivanov and Daniel Joel Alban Rojas from Peru. The most recent gamers to qualify online for the FIWC12 Grand Final are Season 5 winner Ovidiu Patrascu (Romania) and runner-up Irving Velazquez Leyva (Mexico).

There is still one online qualification season to be decided. Season 6, the shortest of the online seasons, runs until 15 May. Don't miss out on your final chance to win a Grand Final seat through online qualification!

Performing under pressure
Doing well in the online qualification seasons requires skill, stamina and endurance. However, when it comes to the FIWC live qualification events it’s all about performing under pressure. One match, one goal, one moment could decide whether you progress to the Grand Final or exit the tournament!

Your performance on the big day as you compete face-to-face with other FIWC hopefuls is exactly what makes the FIWC live events so exciting. Whether in Japan, Spain or Saudi Arabia, the players who manage to win live events are the ones who manage to remain calm and cool as the pressure builds.

Take on the champion
Defending FIFA Interactive World Cup champion Francisco Cruz has automatically qualified for the FIWC12 Grand Final and is eagerly anticipating the chance to make history. No FIWC champion has ever managed to successfully defend their title! Think you have what it takes to beat the champion? Win your way to the Grand Final and you just may get a chance to take him on!