Over one million gamers tried to win a seat at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 Grand Final. In the end, 24 elite EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12 players were able to book their place in Dubai for the Grand Final, which takes place from 21-23 May.

It’s thanks to all the dedication and support from our FIWC gamers that we are able to deliver such a successful global tournament – in fact, the world’s largest gaming tournament! We are happy to announce a very special surprise for all those hundreds of thousands of gamers unable to attend the Grand Final. We will be running a live stream throughout the tournament, bringing you the most exciting matches live from Dubai!

Three Days of pure excitement
From 21-23 May you will be able to follow the virtual football action live from Dubai as our Grand Finalists battle it out for the FIWC12 title! Our live stream will include the group stage draw, top group stage games and what promise to be some fantastic knockout phase matches! Fans will be able to enjoy the Grand Final excitement and atmosphere, exclusively online and live from Dubai, from the comfort of their homes!

The FIWC12 Live Stream will begin on Monday with the Tournament Draw. The draw will begin at 14:30 GMT. After the draw, it's on to the first round of matches (15:00 GMT). Day Two of the Grand Final will be focused on the second round of group stage matches. The Live Stream for Day Two will begin at 10:00 GMT. The third and final day of the Grand Final is all about the knockout games! Our Live Stream will kick off at 14:00 GMT and take us through the quarter-finals, semi-finals, match for third place and finally, the game we are all waiting for, the FIWC12 Final! Which one of our 24 finalists will be left standing with a check for USD 20,000 and a V.I.P trip to the FIFA Ballon d’Or? We’ll find out on 23 May!

Be sure to follow the FIWC on twitter (@FIWC ) to stay up to date on all the Grand Final action. We will be keeping you informed of match times and results and delivering you tons of exclusive content and news from Dubai!

 Date Live Stream starts
 Tournament stage
 21 May
 14:30 GMT
 Tournament draw / Group Stage 1
 22 May
 10:00 GMT
 Group Stage 2
 23 May
 14:00 GMT
 Knockout Stage