The locations may have been very different but FIWC gamers at the live qualification events recently held in Australia (4 April) and Japan (31 March) shared the same goal - win a seat at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 Grand Final!

South American surprise in Sydney
Full concentration was needed at the FIWC12 Australian Final Event held in Sydney, although it was quite difficult for many players to focus with such a breathtaking backdrop; Sydney’s harbour provided a spectacular setting for the event.

To everyone’s surprise, visiting Brazilian Samuel Liberato navigated his way to the Australian final. Liberato faced Australia’s Todd Sekli in the finale. The Brazilian built up an impressive 3-0 lead as the game progressed. It looked like a sure win for Samuel until Todd began to fight back, scoring two goals and putting the pressure on Samuel. Liberato was, however, able to hold onto his slim 3-2 lead until the final whistle. The Brazilian was thrilled with his success.

"It is fantastic, an indescribable feeling!" Said Samuel. "I’m without my family, without my parents here, but with all of the friends which I’ve met in Sydney. Winning this tournament was simply a dream!"

Euphoria in Tokyo
Excitement for virtual football and the FIWC was at fever pitch in Tokyo where the best EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12 players in the country competed for the Japanese title and a ticket to the Grand Final. The scoreline in the final match mirrored the Australian event with Takehide Hazome beating Suga Keigo 3-2.

Two more Grand Final seats have now been secured thanks to Hazome and Liberato’s superb efforts. At the Grand Final, they will take on a group of the world’s best EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12 gamers for the FIFA Interactive World Cup title.

Do you have what it takes to become the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 champion? It's not too late to get involved! There are still two online seasons to be decided and five live qualification events to go. Register now and join the world’s largest virtual football tournament.