Online Season 5 of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 will end, as scheduled, on 25 April at 23:59 GMT. However, the FIWC12 servers will remain online after the official end of the fifth season. This means that, even though Season 5 has officially ended, gamers will be able to access the FIWC12 online menu and continue playing and accruing Season 5 points.

Points scored after the Online Season 5 deadline and before Season 6 begins will NOT count towards the Season 5 leaderboard. These points will be wiped clean shortly before Season 6 begins on 1 May. Our Season 5 winners will be announced punctually at the end of the official season on 25 April. We want to assure our players that both Season 5 tickets for the FIWC12 Grand Final will go to the top two players in the rankings as of the official deadline for Online Season 5.

Last chance to qualify online
On 1 May, the sixth and final online qualification season for FIWC12 will kick off. The final online season has a shorter format than previous seasons and is sure to be one of the most dramatic and tightly contested yet! The top two players in Season 6 will join the world's elite EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12 gamers in Dubai from 21-23 May for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 Grand Final.

Haven’t qualified for the Grand Final yet? Then it’s time to give it everything you’ve got in the final online season. You could be just a few weeks away from winning an unforgettable trip to the FIWC12 Grand Final in Dubai! Prefer to qualify in a live environment? View our Live Qualification Events table for information on the remaining live qualifiers.