Traditionally, the Spanish FIFA Interactive World Cup live qualification event is one of the most difficult live events for the FIFA Interactive World Cup with many players flying in to Spain to try and claim a coveted Grand Final seat. The FIWC12 Spain event was no exception, with top gamers from France, England and Germany travelling to Barcelona for a chance to earn a ticket to the FIWC12 Grand Final.

Catalan pride
Spectators at the Spain Live Qualification event for FIWC12 were treated to a remarkable display of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12. Much to the crowds excitement, local boys David Arboli aka Maximo12 and Crash made it into the semi-finals. Maximo12 defeated countryman Raven 2-1 in the first semi-final while Crash faced former English champion and FIWC11 semi-finalist Adam Winster in the second semi-final. Winster expertly guided Milan to a 3-1 victory despite Crash's home-crowd advantage.

Arboli faces former English champion
The Spain finale got off to a tentative start with both Winster’s AC Milan and Arboli’s Real Madrid playing cautious football. That all changed, however, in the 14th minute. Mesut Özil fired a corner kick onto Cristiano Ronaldo's head. The shot was blocked, but Karim Benzema was knocked down by Seedorf and Abbiati. Penalty kick! Ronaldo slotted home the penalty and Arboli was up 1-0. After the goal, Real Madrid secured and circulated the ball, leaving Milan frustrated for the remainder of the half.

The second-half took on a completely different tempo. Milan pressed and had their first big chance three minutes into the second half thanks to some expert dribbling by Winster. Entering the 70th minute, the atmosphere was tense. Arboli had to make a superb save to deny Winster from close range. Arboli then launched a counter-attack only to see Kaka hit the post. In the final minute of play, Winster created one last chance with a Robinho, Pato and Ibrahimovic combination but the Swedish striker failed to get enough power on the shot. Game over and David Arboli was crowned winner in Spain!

An honour for Arboli
A smile, a handshake and seconds later David Arboli was nowhere to be found. The local hero was engulfed by a group of his friends and supporters. In the ensuing celebration Arboli was sent one way while his glasses landed up on the other side of the room!

"I am so happy," Arboli told "I came to this tournament without any high expectations and now I will represent my country at the FIWC. That is such an honour! Everyone watching and cheering for me definitely helped me out. That was an unbelievable feeling!"

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