The FIWC12 Grand Final date and location have been announced and gamers are trying their best to claim one of the remaining 9 tickets to Dubai.
As we edge closer to next month’s Grand Final we met up with FIWC11 semi-finalist Adam Winster. In a exclusive, Adam discusses his experience at last year’s Grand Final and offers up some fantastic tips and insights into EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12. At last year’s Grand Final Nenad Stojkovic was undefeated in the group stage and on his way to successfully defending his FIWC title, until he met you in the quarterfinals. How did you beat him?
Adam Winster:
I think the awe of him being the world champion was getting to everyone whereas with me I was confident. I thought I was going to win so I went into that game confident and I landed up 4-0 up at one point. I played very well and managed to beat Nenad 4-2. 

Was confidence the decisive factor?
At the FIWC it’s important to be confident and just focus on your own game. Concentrate on how you play and don’t focus on what you think your opponent is going to do.

Can you talk us through your 2011 semi-final against Javier?
Before my semifinal, everyone was tipping me to win. I was confident. I had survived the group of death and knocked out the World Champion. I had encountered Javier in the group stage where we drew 1-1. Javier scored from a Skill Dribble in that game. I knew he was going to do it but that little trick is so hard to defend against. If you don't read it in that first second your opponent will pass you. Javier got me with that in the group game and then he got me with it again in the semifinal! So that was really annoying [laughing]. I managed to level the score in the semi-final but then Javier scored a great goal to win 2-1.

If you could replay the match would you have done anything differently?
No, I don’t think so. Sometimes, you have to reflect on your performance and not the result because, when the players are this good, you can't always win. I know I played very well in that semi-final so I’d just be looking to do the same again and hope that luck's on my side this time. 

We just announced that Dubai will host the FIWC12 Grand Final. How do you feel about the choice?
Dubai is so modern, with incredible buildings and fantastic hotels. L.A was great, but going to a different, exotic location each year is fantastic.

Who’s your favourite player in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12?
It's got to be Ronaldo. He's easily the best. He's got the strength and height that Messi hasn't which makes him the better player. When you're playing him up front you can cross or through ball to him and he will often win the ball. 

Which teams are the best to play with in FIFA 12?
There are probably three main teams to pick this year: Manchester City, Real Madrid and AC Milan. City are the bigger and stronger team, while Ronaldo gives you that extra pace with Madrid. However, I wouldn't choose Real Madrid if my opponent was AC Milan because Ibrahimovic can just bully the Madrid defence. If someone plays with Milan, they're going to look to cross the ball and you want to cut that out. With Man City you can play Yaya Toure and Kompany at the back. They’re both big and strong, giving you a better chance against Milan. 

Cruz mentioned that he was so focused during the FIWC11 Final that he didn't hear the live commentary. Was this your experience?
Yeah, that’s very true. You're concentrating so much that someone could probably be banging a drum next to your ear and you wouldn't notice! When I was playing Munoz I couldn't tell you anything the commentator was saying but I could tell you everything that happened in the game.

Is defence more important than offence?
I think especially at this level, yes. I focus on my defense and hope the goal will come to me rather than me trying to chase the goal. If you go chasing goals you can drag players out of position and you can get countered very easily.

What tactical advice would you give a newcomer to FIFA 12?
I'd advise playing 4-2-3-1 because it's probably the best formation for having a balance between defence and attack. Maybe it's slightly harder to attack with this formation but defensively it's very good, especially if you keep the defensive midfielders back. 

Why has no FIWC champion has been able successfully defended their title?
Because there's just so many good players at the Grand Final. I think whoever wins it is always going to have a bit of luck on the day because there’s just so many good players at the Grand Final that anyone could win it. 

Many of the former champions have said that the trip to the FIFA Ballon d’Or was more important than the prize money. What’s your view on this?
Obviously, everyone enjoys the money but the Ballon d’Or is just such a unique opportunity. If you win the FIWC, it’s probably going to be the only time in your life that you will get to experience something like that.

It’s not too late to qualify for Dubai 2012! Join us at one of the remaining Live Qualification Events or participate in the two remaining online seasons! You can also view all our FIWC videos on the official FIWC playlist on YouTube.