The first of seven pre-qualifiers for the FIWC12 Germany, Switzerland and Austria Live Qualification Event took place in Berlin earlier this month. The dramatic Berlin pre-qualifier, which saw an underdog fight their way to the top, took place in an incredible location - an airport hangar at the Berlin Tempelhof Airport!

A second chance
Bjorn Grempels and his three friends travelled some 300 km to attend the Berlin event. The three friends left Hamburg early in the morning with one goal in mind to claim one of the last available spots for the Berlin tournament through the Wild Card KO-Tournament.

Bjorn had just about failed in his quest and it seemed that he had come all the way to Berlin for nothing. However, fortune smiled on the boy from Hamburg. A few players who had already secured their spots didn’t show up and Bjorn got the chance to makeup for his lousy morning. Bjorn didn’t hesitate and like a true champion he clawed back from the brink of losing and made it to Berlin final.

Fun for all
In addition to numerous PlayStation®3 consoles, FIWC fans in Berlin had the opportunity to test their real-life football skills on a street soccer court. Fans could also test the speed of their shots with a radar. There were PlayStation® Vita consoles on hand for everyone to enjoy and a brand new Hyundai Veloster equipped with EA SPORTS™ FIFA Street.

Berlin finale

In the Berlin final Bjorn faced Italy’s Pasquale Aprea. Pasquale had travelled from Naples and was determined to claim a seat at the final qualifier event. For much of the final match, Pasquale’s Real Madrid looked like clear favourites. After seventy minutes of play the Italian was leading 3-1 and within touching distance of victory.

Cheered on by his friends and fans Bjorn scored twice to pull the score level. At the death of injury time, Bjorn took possession and launched a counterattack. The Hamburg native remained calm and hammered the ball into the goal. Bjorn, who looked like he would be beaten, won 4-3 and earned a seat at the Final Live event for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The event will take place in Zurich on 12 May.

Live-streaming puts you there
Both players on-site and fans watching online were able to experience Bjorn’s dramatic victory in the Berlin final thanks to live online streaming. With four cameras and a commentator for the duration of the final, the broadcast was very similar to a live football match.

Want to watch the rest of the Germany, Switzerland and Austria pre-qualifiers? The next pre-qualifier for this region takes place in Cologne on April 14 and will be streamed live at Some of the Germany, Switzerland and Austria pre-qualifiers will be streamed live at Be sure to follow @FIWC on twitter to be notified of all the latest news and tournament information.