FIWC gamers stepped up the pace and quality in Online Season 2 of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013. Performances overall in Season 2 were much stronger than the opening month with the average Season 2 player winning a total of 7.3 games and scoring 33.6 goals.

While many players can perform well in a season, only two can win a seat in Madrid! We are pleased to announce the next two players to join defending champion Alfonso Ramos and  Season 1 winners Edizon Quiroga and Dani Cordera at the next Grand Final. Congratulations to Online Season 2 winners Daniel Rodriguez (Colombia) and Marc Arisa (Spain)! spoke to the two latest editions to the Grand Final. First of all, well done to both of you on qualifying for the Grand Final. It must be a relief to have qualified for the Grand Final. How did you feel upon hearing the big news?
Marc Arisa: Thanks, I’m really proud of making it to the Grand Final; it will be my first. I am also relieved to have qualified. Now I don’t have to worry about the qualifiers!

Daniel Rodriguez: Thanks. I was very excited when I heard that I had made it to the Grand Final. It’s a dream come true for me. I cannot wait to play against some of the best players in the world at the Grand Final.

Daniel, it will be a bit of a journey from Colombia to the Grand Final. How do you feel about the Grand Final being held in Madrid and is there anything in particular you would like to see in the city?
I’m very excited that it’s being held in Madrid. It’s a beautiful city and it is also the home to two of the best football teams, not only in Spain but in the world. In the city itself, I would most like to see the Santiago Bernabeu and the Vicente Caledron.

On to you Mark, now that the qualifying part is over, how will you prepare for the Grand Final?
In the months leading up to the Grand Final I will play a vast number of offline tournaments. I think this will be the best preparation for me mentally.

All Grand Finalists are allowed to bring a guest with them on their Grand Final adventure, who will you bring with you and why?
I will take a very good friend of mine to the Grand Final. Without him I would never have achieved what I have in the FIWC. I have learned a lot of things about the game from him and I am sure by having him there as my teacher, I can be one of the best players in the world.

Arisa: I will take my best friend. I think he will give me great support and also the best tips.

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