The beginning of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 has been a huge success! Online Season 1 of FIWC13 kicked off on 1 October, just a few days after EA SPORTS FIFA™13 began to hit shelves all over the world.

As we dive into what promises to be another incredible edition of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, we want to remind all gamers that Fair Play is at the very heart of the competition. Sportsmanship and respect for your fellow gamers are important qualities in both real and virtual football and just like in actual football, the FIWC rules are clear. Here are some of the most important FIWC rules to adhere to:

Play the duration of the game
A match, just like a real football game, only ends once the final whistle is blown. Players must play the whole duration of a match. Leaving a game before the final whistle is unsportsmanlike and disallowed.

One account allowed per player
The FIWC is a competition between individual participants. Each participant can only take part in the tournament using one account. Also, you cannot share accounts. Each account must be used by one participant only.

Honour your match ups
The FIWC is an international tournament and we encourage competition and camaraderie amongst players from all over the world. After all, it’s this diversity that makes the FIWC such an awesome global community! As a result, every participant is required to play against the opponent that the online system has selected for you. The online system carefully selects opponents based on game specific criteria. So, please do not choose your opponent manually.

Adherence to the rules is monitored
Along with our partners EA SPORTS™; we will be keeping a close eye on the tournament to ensure that the rules are being obeyed. Any form of rule breaking will result in disqualification from the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013.

Be prepared!
The first online season for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 is almost over as gamers try to claim the first available seats in Madrid next to defending FIWC champion Alfonso Ramos. There are six online seasons in total, giving gamers six chances to qualify online for the FIWC13 Grand Final. Good luck to all our gamers. We hope to see you at the Grand Final!