After last week's EA SPORTS™ FIFA 13 tutorial with defending FIFA Interactive World Cup champion Alfonso Ramos, we switch it up this week and welcome FIWC11 champion Francisco Cruz! The Portuguese visits us for an in-depth look at an exciting new FIFA 13 feature.

In today’s tutorial, Francisco Cruz takes you through the ins and outs of on one of the newest features of FIFA 13 - Complete Dribble.

Welcome to Complete Dribble
In actual football, top players are able to dribble the ball in one direction while their body is facing a completely different direction. This makes it easier for players to slip past defenders, creating more opportunities to score. One of the present-day masters of this incredible skill is none other than Lionel Messi. By introducing Complete Dribble into FIFA 13 the characteristics of real footballers are mirrored in the virtual game more accurately than ever before, creating a more profound gaming experience.

Watch the Complete Dribble tutorial, located at the top of this article, to learn how to dribble your way to the FIWC13 Grand Final in Madrid! What do you think about Complete Dribble? Have you been using this feature a lot in your gaming and how has it helped to create more scoring opportunities? Share your comments with us!