The UK pre-qualifier events for FIWC12 are in full swing. Gamers can still qualify for the final UK qualification event through the Glasgow and London pre-qualification events.

Register now!

There are two remaining pre-qualifier UK events taking place. To sign up for either of these two tournaments -  Glasgow on 28 January or London on 19 February - send an email with your name and telephone number to with the subject line ‘FIWC Glasgow’ or ‘FIWC London’, depending on which venue you wish to register for.

Familiar faces in Manchester
The UK pre-qualifier tournament held in Manchester earlier this month saw familiar names at the top. Among the participants in Manchester were FIWC11 Grand Finalists Ty Walton and Robert Brewster. The two FIWC11 Grand Finalists proved how important experience is in a high-pressure tournament like the FIFA Interactive World Cup. Cool and calculated, Ty and Robert managed to qualify comfortably for the final UK Live Qualifier.

“I went into FIWC Manchester full of confidence and came out on top. I’m glad to have secured my spot for the UK Final and, hopefully, I can qualify for another Grand Final!" Said a cheerful Ty Walton after his triumph.

Robert Brewster, who secured the second ticket for the final UK qualification event, ranks his fellow contenders highly. "The best English player this year has to most likely be Adam Winster or Ty Walton,” said Brewster. “But with the UK final just over a month away I shall be up there with them…you may well see myself and Winster taking the top two spots for the third year running!"