Alfonso Ramos became the first Spaniard to win the FIFA Interactive World Cup in 2008. The former champion is determined to bring the title back to Spain this year. We caught up with Alfonso for an exclusive interview about the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 and his opinions on EA SPORTS™ FIFA12. Spain are the reigning world and European champions. Are you hoping to make it a triple for your homeland at this year's FIWC?

Alfonso Ramos: You could say I kicked the treble off with my victory at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008! Joking aside, I'll be doing my best to become the first player to win the FIWC twice. I'd be very proud to make Spain the first country to win it twice, too.

What do you remember of your triumph, the Grand Final and the year that followed?
I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was a really special time for me. As the world's best virtual player, it was an indescribable feeling to meet the best players from real football. I've enjoyed some wonderful experiences, not just in the year after my victory, but also afterwards thanks to EA SPORTS™ and FIFA. I've had the chance to meet some of football's true greats, travelled around the world and got to know many interesting people who have become good friends.

Lose your concentration or make a mistake and your tournament could be over. 

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008 champion Alfonso Ramos

Which qualities are required to become FIWC champion?
You need to combine several skills. Of course all the winners so far have been excellent technically, but you also need to remain confident and focused throughout the entire tournament. Lose your concentration or make a mistake and your tournament could be over. It helps to be a real football lover. I used to play as an amateur and I still coach a youth team, so I was able to transfer tactical concepts like the offside trap from real football into EA SPORTS™ FIFA12.

What keeps you coming back to the FIWC every year for more?
To be the best player in the world is a huge motivation for me. As I said, the opportunities presented by EA SPORTS™ and FIFA are incredible.

Spanish teams are dominating European football at the moment. Do you tend to rely on the Spanish teams in EA SPORTS™ FIFA12 too? Who are your favourite players?
I only ever play as the club I've supported all my life: Real Madrid. My favourite player in the game is Cristiano Ronaldo, who's one of my favourite players in real football as well.

Having competed at several Grand Finals, what can you tell us about the atmosphere? Is it more about the social aspect or do rivalries take over?
At the Grand Finals the community definitely comes first. I've made friends from all over the world at the FIFA Interactive World Cup, like Andre Buffo from Brazil and Javier Munoz from Colombia. I had a great time with the all other finalists at the Grand Final and at the other events.

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