Have you always wanted to tell others about your virtual football experiences and share your success? At the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012, we're giving you the chance to do just that.

We are convinced that those players just starting off their FIWC careers will have some interesting tales to tell. That's why we are asking any newcomers to the FIFA Interactive World Cup to share  their personal experience of participating in the world's largest virtual football tournament with our global gaming community.

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We're not looking for a FIWC veteran with eyes for the title. Instead, we want to hear from players whose lack of experience is matched by their enthusiasm for sharing their FIWC story with others. Tell us why you think you're the right player for the job by using the 'Add your comment' function below.

Tell your story
One lucky gamer will get the chance to write about their personal FIWC12 experiences on FIFA.com/FIWC. We will follow the lucky FIWC newcomer throughout FIWC12 and give fans insight into the player's development from season to season.