Training Day is back! Adam Winster, winner of the FIWC11 UK Live Qualifier Event, kicks off our second half of FIWC video tutorials.

Adam is one of the world's elite EA SPORTS™ FIFA11 gamers. He claimed his second UK title this year, having previously triumphed in 2009, and is eager to leave his mark on the FIWC11 Grand Final.

Over the next few weeks we will feature video tutorials from a number of top-quality gamers, including a former FIWC champion, to give you insight into the variety of styles and skills in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11.

A spectacular move
In today's video tutorial Adam demonstrates the rabona, a trick so spectacular that it has even found its way into the world of professional dancing as part of the tango. (To watch Adam's training video simply click on the video link to the right of this article). The rabona involves kicking the ball with one leg wrapped behind the other. Due to the considerable technical difficulty involved in this special move, it is rarely seen in the professional game.

To bamboozle your opponent using the rabona, Adam recommends using the trick in wide positions. By shielding the ball with your standing leg, opponents are helpless to stop you crossing into the box.

Is the rabona simply horseplay or is it a trick which can make a difference? Use the 'Add your comment' function at the bottom of the page to share your views.