The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 is underway and already over 200,000 players have signed up to compete for the coveted title. With such an enormous amount of participants, the battle for the crown is understandably fierce and the leadership of the rankings is changing hands on an almost daily basis. Colombian duo ibra_12 and x-fiwc12-x currently lead the race to qualify for the 2012 Grand Final. USA's Dennis Correia, Andre Sousa (Switzerland) and Colombia's Wbeimar Forero are three more experienced campaigners within touching distance of the top, but in a tournament as dynamic as the FIWC the top 30 can change dramatically overnight.

A global competition
The global enthusiasm for football and the FIFA Interactive World Cup is reflected once again in the tournament's colourful array of participants. More than 15 different nations are represented in the current top 30. Unsurprisingly, there are several familiar English gamers competing at the top, with Chris Bullard, Adam Winster, Robert Brewster and Danny Taylor all among the favourites. Gamers from Peru, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia and Scotland are also well-placed, making it all the more difficult to predict who will join reigning champion Francisco Cruz at next year's Grand Final.

There's still plenty of time to secure your ticket for the Grand Final – the first online season of the FIFA Interactive World Cup runs until 31 December 2011!