Since its release in late September, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12 has broken sales records and won critical acclaim all over the world. Now that gamers have had ample opportunity to try the game for themselves, what we would like to know is: What do you think of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12?

Almost a million gamers were able to experience the most realistic football simulator out there by taking part in the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011. The next season of the tournament will, of course, feature the latest version of the groundbreaking series. Prepare to be amazed by the tactical depth and lifelike graphics of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12 at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012. FIWC12 kicks off on 1 December!

Tactical defending, mesmerizing runs and battles for every ball
One of the key features of the game which developers endeavored to improve for the 2012 version was the overall match dynamic. Defenders now focus on the player with the ball, shifting accordingly and blocking off potential passes. Naturally this demands increased creativity, ideas and intelligent passing from attackers, though tricksters can still turn their opponents inside-out by using the many Special Moves incorporated into the game. Tackles also feel more authentic thanks to the brand-new impact engine, which features players barging, shoving and lunging to win the ball.

Your thoughts on SPORTS™ FIFA12?
The long wait is almost over. The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 season kicks off on 1 December 2011! Follow the FIWC on Twitter to be the first to receive important news and information regarding the FIFA Interactive World Cup. Until then, there's still plenty of time to get some intensive training in for the new season.

We are eager to hear your thoughts on EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12. Is the latest version of the record-breaking series the most realistic ever? Which new features do you like most? Use the 'Add your comment' function below to share your views.