Are you ready to test your EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 skills against thousands of virtual footballers from all over the world? Join us for the 11th edition of the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) and see if you have what it takes to become the next interactive world champion!

All the information you need to register for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 can be found below. (Please note that the in-game FIWC option in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 is only available during the course of the six online seasons for FIWC 2015. Information including dates and times for the online qualification seasons can be found on the Tournament Format page.)

To compete in FIWC 2015 you will need:
• A PlayStation®3
• A copy of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15
• An Internet connection
• An EA online account

First-time players
You can register for the FIWC via the in-game mode on EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15. You will need to register an EA Account and an EA Sports Online Pass in order to register in-game for the FIWC 2015 Online Tournament.

If you have not yet played FIFA 15 online and have no EA Online Account, simply follow the steps below.

To set up an EA Online account:
• In EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15, select 'Register with EA' from the main menu.
• Accept the Terms and Conditions.
• Read the information on data protection and confirm to continue the registration process.
• On the 'EA Online Account Creation' page, enter and submit your personal details.
• You are now registered with EA Online.
• Once you have registered successfully with EA Online, you will then have complete the steps outlined below under 'Returning Players' to register for the FIWC.

Returning players and registered EA members
If you have already played EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 online, you will already have an EA Online account and should follow the steps below to register for FIWC 2015. If you are already a registered EA Online member you can also follow the steps below:

• On the main menu, select 'Online Game Mode'.
• Select 'FIFA Interactive World Cup' from the menu.
• On the registration page, enter your name and email address.
• Fill in the personal email address box and the country of origin (this country must match your passport)
• Accept the Terms and Conditions
• This will lead you to the FIFA Interactive World Cup Centre. Whenever you select this mode, this will be your start-up screen.

How to start playing
• Click the option ‘Online Game Mode’ in the FIFA 15 main menu
• Click on ‘FIFA Interactive World Cup‘
• Click on ‘Quick Ranked Match’

How to check your ranking
Visit the Leaderboard section right here on Alternatively, you can view the in-game leaderboard by doing the following:
• Click ‘Online Game Mode’ in the FIFA 15 main menu
• Click ‘FIFA Interactive World Cup’
• Click ‘Leaderboard’

Getting in touch with the FIWC
For more information on the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015, you can visit our FAQs pages on and on the official FIWC Facebook page. The FAQs pages provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about competing in the FIWC.

The FIWC is on Facebook! Become a fan of the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook, ask us questions, comment, get gaming tips and more! You can also follow the FIWC on Twitter (@FIWC) to stay up to date on important FIWC news, articles, and information.

For the full FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Terms and Conditions please see the Official Documents page.