What is the FIWC?
Since 2010, The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) has been official recognized by the Guinness World Records Gamers Edition as the biggest virtual tournament in the world. Participants from every continent battle it out to be crowned the best EA SPORTS™ FIFA player. The winner receives USD 20,000 and a trip to the FIFA Ballon d'Or.

The eleventh edition of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, FIWC 2015 kicks off on 1 October 2014. The tournament is run together with the partners EA SPORTS and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

How can I participate in the FIWC?
To participate in the FIWC you need a Sony PlayStation® 3 and a copy of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15. Go to the online game mode in the FIFA 15 game menu, click on the FIFA Interactive World Cup and follow the on screen instructions.

Is it available on the Xbox?
Currently, The FIWC is only available via the Sony PlayStation® 3.

When will the FIWC take place?
The FIFA Interactive World Cup is an annual tournament. The 2015 edition (FIWC 2015) runs from 1 October 2014 to 1 April 2015.

How do I register for the online seasons of the FIWC?
Before you can begin your interactive football career, you will need to set up an EA Online account. Setting up an EA account is quick and easy. In EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 simply select 'Register with EA' from the main menu and follow the instructions.

Once you have set up your EA account, you will need to register for the FIWC. Select ‘Online Game Modes’ in the game menu and then select FIFA Interactive World Cup. Next you will be asked to fill in an email of contact and finally your nationality. (Please make sure the nationality you select matches your current passport) After that you are all set and by clicking quick ranked match you can find an opponent and start on your journey to the Grand Final!

Do I have to register for every online season of FIWC 2015?
No, once you have registered once you can take part in all six online seasons.

Why is the menu item "FIWC" in the game currently unavailable?
Registration for the FIWC 2015 is only available during each running season. The exact season start and end dates can be found under the menu item mode. They can also be found under the Tournament Format section of FIFA.com/FIWC.

Where can I see my actual position on the leaderboard?
If you're ranked among the top 20,000 players you will be able to see your actual position in game or on the leaderboard section of FIFA.com/FIWC.

What is the prize for the winner?
The winner of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 will win USD 20,000 and a trip to the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2015.

How can I make it to the FIWC Grand Final?
You can qualify for a place in the FIWC Grand Final via one of the six online seasons or through a live qualification event*.

How do I qualify through the online seasons?
In total, there are 16 Online Qualification seats for the 2015 Grand Final. At the end of each season, the top two players on the season leaderboard will qualify for the Grand Final. In addition, the four best players that finish in third-place from the six online qualification seasons will also be awarded a seat at the Grand Final.

How do I qualify through live events?
There are three live qualification events for FIWC 2015. Each event will secure one player qualification for the Grand Final.
The events are:
- One Host Country Live Qualifier* (Only FIWC gamers with a German passport may enter)
- Two PS4 Showcase Live Qualification Events *

*Important information on live qualifier events for FIWC 2015 including dates, times and player eligibility can be found on the Tournament Format page. All live events will be played on the Sony PlayStation®4 console.

What is the maximum number of games I can play in an online season?
The Games Cap for FIWC 2015 is 90 matches. No points will be counted after you reach 90-matches in a single season. Players who reach the cap must wait until the next online qualification season begins before rejoining online qualification for FIWC 2015. In-Game, once a player reaches the 90-matches cap they will still be able to enter the FIWC hub, view their stats and the leaderboard and see the countdown clock to the next season. However, players won’t be able to advance to Team Select, in order to search for a match.

Where will this years Grand Final be held?
The 2015 Grand Final will take place in Munich, Germany.

Where can I find the latest tournament news?
Breaking news, tournament information and announcements about the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 can be found on FIFA.com/FIWC, on the official FIWC Facebook page and on the FIWC Twitter account (@FIWC).

Where can I find the videos from the FIWC?
You can watch FIWC videos on YouTube. Visit our dedicated FIWC playlist on FIFATV - FIFA's official YouTube channel.

Can you choose your own nationality even if you’re living in another country?
When you register online, there will be an option for you to choose your country of origin. Please ensure the country that you select is one that you hold a valid passport for.

Can more than one person play from one account?
No, an account can only be attached to one player. No account sharing is allowed. Players caught sharing accounts will be immediately removed from the current season.

Is there a difference between the strengths of the teams in the FIWC mode?
No, all teams are equal. Every player has the power of 85, in order to offer each participant in the tournament the greatest possible fairness.

For the full FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 Terms and Conditions please see the Official Documents page.