Are you a quality FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) gamer but pressed for the amount of time and matches it takes to try and top the online leaderboard in a single season? The FIWC is happy to introduce a Community Qualifier to FIWC14 to reward top players who have the quality but not necessarily the quantity of matches.

Whether you’re a student with a tough schedule, a parent or a working professional with limited gameplay time, the Community Qualifier seat gives every single member of the FIWC community a fair chance at earning a place among the best virtual footballers at the FIWC14 Grand Final. Rest assured, there’s no luck involved at this level. You will need to have the best quality to win a seat at the Grand Final through the Community Qualifier. Each of the six online qualification seasons for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 (FIWC) will award one qualification seat to the player that wins the community qualifier. This player will join the top two players on the main leaderboard for the respective season in qualifying for the Grand Final.

How it works
The Community Qualifier is awarded to the player with the best win-loss ratio for each online season. Every win is worth three points and every draw is worth one point. The points of wins and draws will be added and divided by the number of games played in one online season. A minimum of 30 games played is required to be eligible for the Community Qualifier award. The game minimum ensures that each qualified player has reached the top division and played against top ranked players.

In case of several players having exactly the same win-loss ratio, the following tiebreak criteria will be applied to evaluate the winner:

1. Goal difference
2. Goals scored
3. Average goals scored per game
4. Goal ratio (goals vs. shots on goal)
5. Average goals conceded per game
6. Number of red cards
7. Lottery draw

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Entry is subject to the general Terms and Conditions of the FIWC14. Read the FIWC14 Community Qualifier: Terms and Conditions.