Online Season 2 Runner-up

Name: Daniel Rodriguez

Nickname: Altair

Age: 17

Nationality: Colombian

Hobbies: Watching movies and TV shows, playing Formula 1 and EA SPORTS™ FIFA

Occupation: Student of mechatronic engineering

Favorite formation: 4-3-1-2

Started playing the EA SPORTS™ FIFA series in: 2006

Favourite Team: Bayern Munich

Favourite Player: Arjen Robben

What has been your biggest success at the FIWC so far?
Grand Finalist for FIWC13




Are there any competitors you are watching out for in FIWC13?
I hope that my friend Javier will qualify for the grand final he is a very good player and he deserves it. I would like to play against some of the best English players. Guys like like Adam Winster and Ty Walton.