Following the election of members of the FIFA Ethics Committee at the 63rd FIFA Congress, the Adjudicatory and Investigatory Chambers chaired by Hans Joachim Eckert (adjudicatory) and Michael J. Garcia (investigatory), held a plenary meeting today, 13 September 2013, at the Home of FIFA in Zurich. After the meeting the chairmen released the following joint statement:

At this session, we took the opportunity to introduce the independent deputy chairs and new members of each chamber. A presentation was made reviewing key issues related to the FIFA Code of Ethics and related processes. Furthermore, each chamber held separate meetings to discuss the status of prior and existing cases and insights into the process obtained as a result of those experiences. The Ethics Committee emphasised a commitment to addressing violations of the non-discrimination provision in FIFA’s Code of Ethics as well as the rules against match manipulation. Both Chairs stressed the independence of the Ethics Committee and its responsibility to fully implement the ethics reforms approved by the FIFA Congress.

The Ethics Committee will continue to meet periodically to monitor progress in these and other areas.