FIFA is pleased that the ISL non-prosecution order can now be made public, following the decision announced today by the Swiss Federal Court to allow the publication of the document by the Prosecutor of Zug.

This decision by the Federal Court is in line with what FIFA and the FIFA President have been advocating since 2011, when world football’s governing body announced its commitment to the publication of the ISL non-prosecution order. This announcement was part of a process of reforms launched at the FIFA Congress in June 2011, the roadmap for which was approved by the FIFA Executive Committee on 21 October 2011.

The decision of the Swiss Federal Court also confirms that only two foreign officials will be named as part of the process and that, as previously communicated by the Prosecutor of Zug in June 2010, the FIFA President is not involved in the case (“no Swiss person involved”). The Federal Court states in its decision, on page 3, point B.1.4: “the names of several non-accused third parties, whether natural or legal persons, will not be disclosed, and will be made anonymous in the non-prosecution order, with the exception of the names ISMM/ISL”.

As confirmed by the Federal Court in its decision made public today, FIFA was not a party to the appeal process dealt with by the Swiss Federal Court.