On 26 August 2009, a delegation from Togo comprising Christophe Tchao, the Minister for Sport and Leisure, the Togolese Football Association (FTF) President Rock Balakiyem Gnassingbe, the FTF's First Vice-President Komla Kuma Ameyi and the Togolese ambassador for Switzerland Felix Sagbo, was welcomed to the Home of FIFA in Zurich to discuss the institutional crisis faced by the FTF.

After Mr Tchao had met with FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter, there came a working meeting led by FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke, accompanied by FIFA Executive Committee member Jacques Anouma and Member Associations and Development Director Thierry Regenass.

Over the course of this meeting a number of decisions were taken. First and foremost, discussions on the future of the FTF were put back to a date after 14 November 2009, the date of Les Eperviers' final 2010 FIFA World Cup™ qualifying match.

Extraordinary General Assembly
The second decision was that an Extraordinary General Assembly will be held on 21 November 2009, The aim will be to bring together the entire Togolese footballing family for discussions on its future. This assembly will be presided over by Mr Anouma, acting in the name of FIFA.

If so requested at the end of this assembly by a majority of those involved, an Elective General Assembly will be scheduled to take place within the next three months, preferably after the conclusion of the national presidential elections. Should that not be case, the current board of executives will stay in office until the end of their term.

The third point is that, should an Elective General Assembly be scheduled, FIFA will assign an electoral committee led by Mr Anouma to oversee the process.

More immediately, the FTF board of executives will meet on 7 September this year in the presence of Mr Anouma to validate the aforementioned decisions and take care of current pending issues. In addition, the FTF's First Vice-President has made a commitment to take part in this meeting.

Another meeting of the board of executives will take place in October, which will also be attended by Mr Anouma. He will then present a report on the situation at the FTF at the FIFA Executive Committee meeting on 2/3 December.

Thus, FIFA hopes that this process - which it will be monitoring closely - will help bring definitive stability to the workings of the FTF and enable it to work towards progress in Togolese football.