FIFA and UEFA have been informed of the events on 29 September that have affected the Polish football association (PZPN). In this regard, FIFA and UEFA would like to state the following:

  • FIFA and UEFA do not recognise either the decision by the arbitration court of the Polish National Olympic Committee, or the appointment of an "administrator" of the PZPN.
  • FIFA and UEFA continue to recognise the current leadership of the PZPN chaired by Michal Listkiewicz as the only legitimate authority to run football in Poland and to represent it internationally.
  • As a consequence, any letter, correspondence and/or communication that is not signed by the legitimate and FIFA-UEFA-recognised leadership, or that is signed under the authority of Mr Robert Zawlocki, will be ignored and considered irrelevant.
  • FIFA and UEFA will contact the IOC to assess the situation of the Polish NOC and the violation of fundamental principles of the Olympic and sporting movement, such as the principle of the autonomy of sports federations.

This information has been communicated to Mr Listkiewicz in a formal letter signed jointly today by the Presidents of FIFA and UEFA.

FIFA and UEFA will immediately start joint consultation to decide the measures to be taken regarding the PZPN and the future of Polish football, and to be proposed to the forthcoming meeting of the FIFA Executive Committee scheduled to take place in Zurich on 23-24 October, as well as to the UEFA Emergency Panel, which will be convened around the same dates.