Underdogs run wild in 8

Predictors will not be forgetting Matchdays 8 in a hurry. Surprise results flowed fast and freely in an gripping week of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ qualifiers.

Krystalball emerged triumphant on Matchday 8. Although the German only made five accurate predictions, each one earned over 80 points. Central to his win was somehow anticipating Slovakia to beat Czech Republic (96 points) and Honduras to upset Mexico (84 points). The German also guessed three big draws: ten-man Italy's draw with Republic of Ireland (87 points); Ecuador holding Paraguay (70 points); and the Chile-Uruguay stalemate (70 points). Krystalball impressive performance also catapulted him from 174th place to 16th on the overall standings.

The challengers
Nine points behind the leader, aliscandros will be cursing his luck. The Colombian managed to score eight out of ten predictions, and yet still failed to overcome the eventual winner. The Slovakian surprise and the last-minute Spanish victory in Istanbul denied aliscandros top spot. Third-placed Xaviatelo came within two points of second. Had he backed heavyweights France and England to do the business at home, or even Costa Rica to beat El Salvador, the Spaniard would have won Matchday 8.

The leaders
Despite the relatively low-scoring matchday for league leaders, xpert0 managed to burst into pole position. jonasindk's reign at the summit was short lived, and the Dane fell back into second place. Josedust8a climbed from seventh place into third and Colombian diegojuva from 15th into fourth place. CarlosRojo was the most impressive predictor in the top ten this matchday. The Colombian scored 380 points; well above the Matchday 8 average for the top ten (227 points).