Italian pair rule Matchday 7

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An Italian pair shined brightest this matchday, finishing in a two-way tie at the summit. Henry_Leon and MARRABBIO79 each scored 201 points. Overall leader zeusch took third place, just three points shy of the winners.

The winning formula
Henry_Leon clearly paid attention to's hints and tips. Burkina Faso coach Paulo Duarte returned 18 points for the Italian (nine for the win and a further nine because Burkina Faso beat a higher-ranked team).

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba was another winning pick for Henry_Leon, scoring 2 goals in Côte d'Ivoire's 5-0 win over Malawi. MARRABBIO79 opted for a 3-4-3 formation and his midfielders did not disappoint, each scoring him 17 points.

The Leaderboard
The performance of his zeus CM team keeps zeusch in first place and just 56 points clear of challenger adrenalin7, who has moved from fifth place into second. Bestkolej and his Pitbull's jumped from fourth place to third.

Gargalotas FC fell from second to fourth thanks in most part to poor performances by Samuel Eto'o (2 points) and Iranian midfielder Javad Nekounam (2 points). Despite terrible returns in the midfield (just ten points from four players) mr.cardhu managed to climb into fifth-place thanks to superb returns from his Burkina Faso coach and striker pair.

Men of the matches
Overall, the best performers this matchday were the defenders, with 13 of them on target. Even more impressive, the top four defenders, namely Gerard Pique (Spain), Marcell Jansen (Germany), Pak Nam Chol (Korea DPR) and Diego Lugano (Uruguay), not only scored goals but also helped their teams keep clean sheets. The quartet returned 25 points apiece.

Not to be overshadowed by their players, coaches also played a decisive role in the point's tallies this matchday. Six enjoyed wins over higher-ranked opposition, earning nine bonus points for their managers.

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