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  • Fantasy opens its doors

    Fantasy opens its doors

    Friday 14 May 2010

    Registration for McDonald’s 2010 FIFA World Cup Fantasy is now open, with the game launch date set for 4 June. Until then, read the rules, register and prepare!

  • zeusch's fantasy becomes reality

    zeusch's fantasy becomes reality

    Thursday 26 November 2009 is happy to officially announce that zeusch is the winner of McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ qualifiers.

  • One more time

    One more time

    Monday 16 November 2009

    The final fantasy matchday has arrived. Will Zeusch remain atop the summit and claim the Gand Prize, or will a worthy challenger topple the No1 at the crucial moment?

  • November has come

    November has come

    Monday 9 November 2009

    The final two rounds of McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy have arrived. At stake is a trip to the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa.

  • Your final defence

    Your final defence

    Tuesday 3 November 2009

    As the final two matchdays of McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy approach, it's time for fantasy managers to make some important defensive choices. 

  • Curtain calls inspire encores

    Curtain calls inspire encores

    Friday 16 October 2009

    The top of the fantasy table is tighter than ever as managers try to outmanoeuvre one another in the hopes of winning a trip to South Africa 2010.